Cargo Insurance:The Ultimate Guide

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Cargo insurance ensures the safety of your shipments. It is one of the best ways to keep the products safe from all types of physical damages, theft, or breakage.

The cargo insurance can protect your products against all the potential losses during air, land, or sea freight.

Therefore, cargo insurance or freight insurance gives you real peace of mind while importing the products at the international level.

If you want to import the goods from China and want to ensure your works, you are in the right place. You can continue the reading and learn everything about the cargo insurance.

Cargo Insurance

What Is Cargo Insurance?

All the carriers contain a very minute amount of the insurance, known as the carrier liability. But this insurance does not cover a vast range of disasters such as vehicle accidents, fire, and many others.

Before you get the products, they are passed through several steps while you get them. They are at high risk of damage during the loading or unloading.

During the transfer of the goods from one truck to the other, the damage increases many times. Therefore, in this situation, you need cargo insurance.

The cargo insurance protects from several types of damages like theft, damage or loss of goods, etc.

Therefore, your interests will be secured and safe with the cargo insurance. At the same time, the products are either stored or in transition.

Benefits Of Cargo Insurance: Reduce Transportation Risks

The cargo insurance ensures the safety of your products, whether they are transported through air, water, or land. Therefore, it is very crucial for the safe transportation of your goods.

The following are the risks covered by the cargo insurance so that you can get the required products without any damage.

All Risk Coverage

It can protect your products from all types of damages, mainly due to external factors. Therefore, it is known as all-risk coverage. The following are the aspects which are being covered in this insurance.

  • Infestation

The transportation of the food or different edible items becomes a big issue due to the presence of insects or animals.

Therefore special care has to be taken during the transportation of the edible items.

The cargo insurance will ensure you the safest transportation of the food over long distances.

  • Cargo Abandonment

It is one of the significant issues which importers face during the shipment of the products at the international level. To avoid this problem, you can take help from the cargo insurance.

  • Customs Rejection

When you import the products from other countries, customs clearance appears as one of the significant hurdles.

You can cop up with this issue through cargo insurance, as they will handle all of the custom rejections professionally.

  • Employee’s Dishonesty

There are a few cases where the employees tried to damage the products. So, to avoid such issues in the future; you can take help from the cargo insurance. It will help you to make sure the safety of your products during the shipment.

  • Damages Due To Inappropriate Packing

Several types of damages can occur during the transportation of the products from one country to the other.

One of the joint mast damage which occurs is due to the improper packaging of the products.

There are various types of products that need to be appropriately packed and carefully.

But in a few cases, when they are not packed tightly, they may get damaged during transportation.

Damages Due To Inappropriate Packing

Free From Particular Average Coverage

In this category, your products will be insured and protected from all risks except stranding, burning, collision, and sinking.

The shipper will not pay you in case of any minor loss or damage. The customers will get the money back only when the loss is relatively high.

This insurance policy is very particular and covers only the under given aspects:

  • Collision

During the transportation of the products, they are at high risk of damage. The products can break down due to the collisions.

Therefore, in this situation, you may lose a big part of your profit. To avoid this type of issue, you can hire an insurance company and get the insurance policy.

  • Heavy Weather

The weather is another major issue which most of the importers face. If you are importing a delicate or sensitive product, you may have to face various problems. For instance, the bad weather conditions such as rain can affect the quality of your products badly.

  • Sinking

The sinking appears as the major problem in sea freight, and you can overcome this problem through cargo insurance.

If your products are heavy, they can sink very quickly. Therefore, to make sure the safety of your products, cargo insurance appears like an undeniable option.

  • Derailment

The transportation of goods comes with various risks. For instance, it is might possible that you may lose all of your products in an accident. But, you can easily get your money back if you have hired the cargo insurance.

  • Non-Delivery

Besides all the risks, it is might possible that you may not get your products. It is the most significant loss which you can face while importing the goods at the international level.

  • Theft

Besides all of the physical damages, it is also possible that thieves attack the shipment. And you may lose all of your products and money. It can be the most significant loss for your business.

  • Fire

Various products contain inflammable chemicals. Therefore, you will have to take extraordinary measures during the transportation of these types of products. First of all, you should inform the shipper of this type of work to take care of these products.

  • Earthquake

You can avoid all the physical factors such as collisions, but it may not prevent the earthquake. This type of natural disaster can affect a lot if you are importing the products through rail.

General Average Coverage

The general average coverage is required in the case of marine freight. It will cover only part or a few losses. In case of loss or damage, all the cargo holders will pay for the loss to the owner.

Warehouse To Warehouse Coverage

This type of insurance is required when products are unloaded from the ships and stored in the warehouses.

The insurance company will fulfill the loss of an insurance holder. But, the owner of the cargo could not get any benefit from this.

Warehouse To Warehouse Coverage

Types Of Cargo Insurance

You can use the cargo insurance for both national and international dealings.

But remember that it would not be possible to handle all the transactions without the cargo insurance company; due to the difference in the insurance policies among different countries or states.

Beside it, due to the difference in the insurance policies, it has been categorized into the following types:

Land Cargo Insurance

This type of insurance provides you protection for the transportation of the products on land.

The land cargo insurance covers the trucks, utility vehicles, and several others. This type of insurance is operated at the national level.

It is used to work within the boundaries of the country. This type of insurance will cover the theft, damages from collisions, and different other risks.

Land cargo insurance is beneficial if you are importing the products through rail. In the case of rail, the products are at risk of damage.

Therefore, if you are concerned about the safety of your products, you should choose land cargo insurance. It will ensure the safe delivery of your products.

Air Cargo Insurance

The air cargo insurance protects your products from the damage they can suffer from during the air freights.

This type of insurance usually operates at the international level. Therefore, it is very crucial for the safety of your products during their transportation in different countries.

Air cargo insurance is essential if you import some delicate or glass products, as they are at high risk compared to the other products.

If you are importing the delicate products, air freight can be the best option. But besides it, the products are always at high risk and can damage anywhere.

Therefore, to make sure the safety of your products, you can choose the air cargo insurance.

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Air Cargo Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance

Freight insurance is mostly required during the transportation of products at the international level.

The marine insurance can ensure the safety of your products from the damages from loading or unloading of the products, weather conditions, and many other relevant issues.

Well, it is a fact that most of the people prefer sea freight due to cheap cost. Therefore, the ships are always at a high risk of getting damaged. Consequently, it is highly recommended to get the marine cargo insurance.

The following are the policies that will let you know about the importance of marine insurance in a better way.

  • Open Cover Cargo Policies

The open cover cargo policy is implemented when the insurance holder tries to get coverage for several products simultaneously.

This policy is further divided into two different categories, i.e., renewable policy and permanent policy.

The renewable policy requires renewal after a specific time or after expiration. It is mostly needed in case of single trips.

The permanent policy is valid for a particular period, and you will have to renew it after that period. While during this time, you can make hundreds of shipments.

  • Specific Cargo Policies

When you contact the insurance company, it will fall under this category of specific cargo policies.

These types of systems are also well famous as the voyage policies; because only specific shipment is covered under this policy.

  • Contingency Insurance Policy

If the customer is dealing with the cargo insurance, instead of the seller, it would fall under the contingency insurance policy.

It is the only way through which customers can make sure the safety of their goods during transportation.

If some cases, the customers do not ask for the insurance policy and therefore get the damaged pieces.

It can be a little bit expensive, that’s why most of the customers may not get the cargo insurance.

Marine Cargo Insurance

How Is Cargo Insurance Calculated?

You can calculate the cost of the cargo insurance by using the simple formula given just below.

The total value of the shipped items * insurance rate = cost of the insurance

Well, there are two types of insurance, from which you can choose the one. So the cost of the insurance will vary accordingly.

Basic Insurance

In the case of primary insurance, you cannot claim for the recovery if one or two pieces are damaged.

You can claim only when the entire container shipment goes missing. Therefore, you do not need to mention every single detail of every item. Instead, you can say the total amount of the products present in the container.

It may not cost you much, but the protection you are getting through basic insurance is not much pretty.

As you will not get a single penny in case one or two products are missing. You can only recover your amount when the entire container is missing.

It will come with an insurance rate of 1 to 3%. You can claim for the loss only when the whole container is missing. You can get adequate coverage over here with a massive amount of money.

Comprehensive Insurance

In contrast to the necessary insurance, the comprehensive insurance will provide you relief on very minor or significant damage.

You can claim in either your products are damaged or missing. For instance, you will get the money back even if the TV remote is damaged while the rest of the products is safe and secured.

Comprehensive insurance would be the best choice, while you will import many products from other states or countries.

Comprehensive insurance has a higher insurance rate, i.e., 3 to 6%. You can claim for any type of damaged or missing products. Therefore, this is highly valuable and recommended.

How To Choose A High-Quality Cargo Insurance Company?

The selection of the right cargo insurance company can be challenging. Several companies can provide you the best cargo services at the economical price you can contact to benefit.

Well, it is a difficult task to find the best insurance company for your business. You should contact that company which is experienced and can provide you the best services.

YOU should do some research and find one company with an experience of about 5 to 10 years. If any company has experienced more than ten years, that will have an undeniable choice.

If you want to learn about the performance of an insurance company is through the reviews and comments of the previous customers.

You need to find the one which has some glowing reviews over the last few years.

When searching for the cargo services, always keep in mind all the critical areas you want to cover through the insurance policies.

You need to make sure that the cargo insurance company you have selected is covering all the vital areas.

The price is a very crucial factor. When you are hunting for the best cargo insurance company, select the one which is agreed to offer you all of their services at the economical price.

Do not always search for a low price; keep in mind all of your required areas to cover through the insurance policy.

You should choose that cargo insurance company which provides you their services just within your budget.

If you want to get the cargo insurance for your shipments, you need to consider the following while choosing the cargo insurance company:

Offer A Variety Of Flexible Policies

Offer A Variety Of Flexible Policies

The insurance policy should be flexible and must be able to cover all types of damages.

The cargo insurance ensures the safety of your goods. Therefore, it plays a vital role during the shipment of your products from different countries.

If anything goes wrong during the import of goods: the insurance company will have to fulfill all the losses.

But, if you have not hired any insurance company, you may face various problems later on.

That’s why it is recommended to hire an insurance company while importing the products at the international level.

The company which can offer you a flexible insurance policy at the economical price would be best for your business. If the company does not show any flexibility, you may not benefit from all of their policies.

All-Risk Coverage

There are insurance companies that protect only few risks. You should select those companies which can cover all the risks. It is essential when you are importing the products at the international level.

You should finalize the deals with those insurance companies which can cover all of the risks, as this is the best way that can ensure the safe delivery of your products.

Suppose, if you have selected an insurance company that is not covering all the risks, it will not be helpful for your business. It will cost you high, but you will not get the money back in case of any damage.

If you are transporting the products over short distances, then you can contact those companies who are offering insurance for a few risks.

In the case of international trade, you have to choose those companies which can provide you with the money-back guarantee if you face any trouble.

When you import the delicate products such as glass or any other goods, there is a high risk of damage, especially during the loading and unloading of the products.

The all-risk coverage is a broadcast coverage that can provide you protection over a wide range of risks. In general, this type of coverage can protect your products from any physical loss or damage due to the external causes.

Any insurance policy does not usually cover the damage which happens due to the negligence. It can be quite problematic at the port.

But, this is the most common risk which your products face during the delivery of the products. So, you need to search for those companies which can cover these types of hazards.

Always search for cheap cargo insurance. So that you can get all the services according to your budget, covering all of your risks.

In case if you have selected an expensive insurance policy, it can ruin your efforts and will reduce your profit margin.

Qualified Insurance Teams

When you are searching for the cargo insurance company, try to find the one which has an experience of more than ten years.

The experienced companies can provide you professional assistance during the delivery of the goods. Otherwise, it can be problematic for you.

The qualified, well trained, and experienced staff can professionally deal with you and ensure you safely deliver your products.

On the other hand, the untrained and unprofessional companies can ruin all of your efforts and money.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to choose those companies who are well experienced in providing their services.

The well-experienced companies can provide you protection during the whole period of shipment.

In this way, you can protect your products from the damages due to external factors or any other loss. The insurance companies can protect your products on land, in the sea, or the air.

You need the services of the insurance companies if you have chosen the sea freight. You know that sea freight takes a long time to deliver the products, and therefore, there is a high risk of damage.

The freight insurance can assure you that you will get all of your products on time without any damage.

It is essential for the safe delivery of your products. Above all, in case of any damage, you can get money back in case of damage.

Qualified Insurance Teams

How Leeline Help You Shipping Goods From China With Reliable Cargo Insurance Service

The cargo insurance can ensure the success of your business. During the transportation of the products from the origin to the destination, there is a high risk of damage. Therefore, you should get the services from an insurance company.

Always remember that if your products are not insured, then you would not be able to claim in case of any loss.

The freight insurance can protect your products from damage such as theft, damage, exposure to the environment, rough handling, and vessel accidents.

The damages which happen during transportation from origin to the destination are very problematic.

As both, the supplier shippers may not agree to fulfill your loss. Therefore, in this situation, cargo insurance can ensure the safest delivery of goods over long distances.

The shipping insurance can give you real peace of mind. You can monitor the delivery of your products at every step.

The insurance is essential if you will import the delicate or glass products from China or other countries.

The Leeline company is the best solution for all of your problems. The company tries you at every step while you are importing the products from China.

The company helps in finding the best and reliable suppliers of Chine. So, you can get the best quality products in China.

Beside it, the company also helps you in the delivery of the products. The Leeline can handle the packaging and shipment of the products.

Above all, you can also contact the company if you are searching for cargo insurance. The company will try their best to help you in this regard, and you can get the best cargo insurance for your business.

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shipping insurance

·  Transparent and straightforward Scheme Of Insurance

The Leeline provides you the simple and best insurance schemes. First of all, the company will examine your products to get to know about your requirements.

Then the Leeline will provide you the best suitable insurance schemes.

All the schemes which you will get here will be transparent and flexible. The company aims to serve the importers; therefore, they always try to provide the best services to their customers.

· Best Rates For Insurance Of Goods In China

The price is a very crucial factor and plays a vital role in deciding your profit margin. The Leeline tries to find economical insurance policies, which can be fitted according to your budget.

The company can let you know about all the insurance policies available for you. So, you can select the one according to your requirements.

Once you have chosen the insurance policy, the company will collect all the required information.

The company also makes sure that all the dealings have been finalized legally and legitimately.

· Free Advice 24/7 At The Time Of China And Partner Countries

Leeline is one of the best shipping companies. It is present at the top position for providing the services.

You can contact and discuss your issues with the professionals and experts current at the Leeline. They will get through all of your problems and will provide you the best solutions.

You can contact them 24/7 and can avail of their services. The company ensures that they will stand you at every step and will find the best possible solutions for all of your problems.

Free Advice 24 7 At The Time Of China And Partner Countries

· Provide Discounts For Regular Partners, And Customers With Large Volumes

The Leeline takes good care of their regular customers and partners. Therefore, The Company tries to provide those discounts and other rewards.

The company always tries to ensure that the buyers are getting the best quality Chinese goods at economical prices direct from the Chine.

Whenever you are going to import the goods from China, you should contact the Leeline.

You will find them available at each step, providing their services and facilitating you at every stage.

Final Thoughts On Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance is the best way to make sure of the safety of your products. The cargo insurance will provide you coverage against all the damages that occurred due to the physical factors.

The movement of the products at the national or international level always brings come risks. You can avoid all of these risks through cargo insurance.

There are various types of cargo insurance; you can get anyone according to your needs.

FAQ For Cargo Insurance

The following are the question which most people used to ask regarding cargo insurance while they are importing from China.

1. How To Claim Cargo Insurance?

The freight claim is a legal way to demand compensation when the carrier breaks the terms of a contract.

The following are the document which you need to get while you are going to claim for the cargo insurance:

  • Original travel document
  • Inspection requests and reports
  • Temperature reports
  • Proof of value
  • Lab analysis
  • Impact report
  • Packaging certifications
  • Weight certifications
  • Affidavits
  • Carrier manifest
  • Notification of the loss
  • Waiver for the inspection

2.  What Is All Risk Cargo Insurance?

All risk insurance is the most exhaustive and most comprehensive coverage for the cargo.

This type of coverage ensures the safety of your products against all the risks due to external factors.

Because of this insurance, you can get the money back or a new product if any damage or breakage.

3. What Is General Average?

Well, the general average will provide you coverage for a public loss. It is not liable for the loss or damage to the cargo. But the cargo owner will be responsible for the shipment.

4. Does Cargo Insurance Have Limitations?

The cargo insurance has limitations. For instance, you will not be able to get any payment for the loss that happened during the loading or unloading of the products.

Beside it, there are various types of cargo insurance in which you cannot claim for the recovery in case of any damage or breakage.

5. Carrier Liability Versus Cargo Insurance- What’s The Difference?

The carrier liability can provide you the protection up to a certain extent according to the freight’s weight.

But, when the value of your products exceeds a certain level, you may get better production through cargo insurance.

Therefore, the carrier liability is better if you import a few products, but if you are importing a large number of products, you must go for cargo insurance.