Flexible And Dynamic Warehousing Facilities In China

Flexible And Dynamic Warehousing Facilities Help You Import Goods from China Smoothly

Apart from our sustainable shipping options, we provide a range of services for your products such as warehousing and distribution, tracking and monitoring, security, etc. on both a short-term and long-term basis.

We offer easy solutions and dynamic warehousing options that are customized as per your needs and further help us support you efficiently in our evolving world.

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Easy Storage Services

With our amazingly flexible short-term and long-term storage facilities and warehouse logistics, we take pride in supporting you meet your requirements as well as any additional deadlines.

Our prices are competitive and we ensure that the warehousing and storage facilities that we extend to you are monitored round the clock; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with state-of-the-art video surveillance facility for mishaps such as burglary, fire, etc.

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Order and Logistical Support

We provide the most flexible and efficient logistical support by giving you a combined experience of order management and fulfillment services

We support you with selecting your order and put together a smooth process by metering daily orders, bulk orders, standing orders, rush orders, backorders, direct sale shipments, and fulfilling all requirements for outsourcing and third-party logistics.

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FBA Prep and Inspection

We offer a huge, comprehensive range of FBA Prep and inspection procedures for the purpose of safely delivering the products and services to you.

Our competitive services and rates include labeling, bundling, packaging & poly-bags, and marketing products.

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Strategically Located Warehouses

In order to create an effective experience for you, we have placed our warehouses strategically around the globe in some of the countries like China, Europe, Canada, Australia, and the United States.
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Providing Related Services

Air Freight

We keep our customers and their time at the center of everything and offer premium and quality air freight services to make sure that your cargo can be shipped to you with the best routes and prices and within the timeline.

Sea Freight

We have many premium carriers around the world on board with us at competitive rates so that we manage to meet all your sea shipping needs, whether FCL or LCL.

Customs Brokerage

We are efficient with all customs regulations and laws. Our accuracy, especially in classifying imported items, ensures a quick and smooth process for your freight clearance through customs.

Inventory management

Exclusively designed for your requirements, we offer and handle smooth warehousing services and inventory management, picking up orders, packaging, and related services for e-commerce sellers.

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    Best Warehousing Services In China


    If you import the goods from China and do not want to hold the inventory, you can hire the warehousing services.

    Warehousing services give you real peace of mind and satisfaction by storing your products. They ensure the security of your goods until they are not shipped to customers.

    Warehousing services play a key role in ecommerce. The warehouses not only hold the products until they are not sold. Therefore, the sellers feel free and can focus on their business to make it a success story.

    Furthermore, the warehousing services can also help you out in labeling, counting, and shipment of the products at customers’ doors.

    If you are interested in learning e about warehousing services, you could continue the reading. The guide will let you know everything about the warehousing services.

    Best Warehousing Services In China


    What are the main types of warehouses in China?

    For an ecommerce, a warehouse is something more than a storage house. It is an integral part of order fulfilment.

    The right warehouse selection can play a crucial role either for the success or destruction of your business. That’s why a business many always emphasize the selection of the right warehouse.

    The ecommerce warehouse will play a crucial role in your business’s success if you sell the products online.

    If your business is growing exponentially, you will have to select a warehouse that can fulfil your requirements and store many products.

    You need to select a warehouse before you start your business. There are eight types of warehouses present in China; a brief description of them is given below.

    1. Private Warehouses

    The wholesalers, distributors, or manufacturers own the private warehouses. Furthermore, the retail and other online marketplace also have their warehouses.

    All of these warehouses are more expensive as compared to public warehouses. The private warehouses are considered to be a better option as compared to another warehouse. They can support you and store your products for the long term; therefore, they are the best choice for your ecommerce.

    2. Public Warehouses

    The government owns the public warehouses, and private sectors can get them or use them at the hour of need.

    Any advanced technologies do not equip public warehouses. Therefore, they are quite and re available at affordable prices, and you can hire them according to requirements.

    The public warehouses are equally available for businesses or individuals. Therefore, anyone can hire them without any discrimination, either a business or an individual. If you are an SBM owner and want to store the products for a short period, the private warehouses are going o be the right choice for you.

    3. Bonded Storage

    You can store the products in a bonded warehouse before paying the customs duties.

    The authorities let the companies store all of their products in the bonded warehouses and ensure that they will not get harmed. Furthermore, they also ensure that the products will not face any monetary loss when released from these warehouses.

    Beside it, the owner will not have to pay a single penny until the products are not released from these warehouses. Above all, the bonded warehouses also allow the business owners to store the restricted products for a short time; until the owner did not get the required documents.

    Therefore, these warehouses are considered the best choice to keep your products without paying any amount until you do not find any buyer.

    These types of warehouses are very secure and come with huge space to store the products. Therefore they are ideal warehouses to store the products, and they are well experienced in international trade.

    4. Cooperative Warehouses

    All of the cooperative warehouses are run by different cooperative organizations such as a former or winery co-op. In the cooperative are houses, both co-op members and other members can store the products.

    Both co-op and other members cannot only store the products. Still, they can also benefit from different facilities and store all of their products at a reduced price.

    5. Distribution Centers

    These warehouses are quite spacious and are built under some specific requirements in mind. Here in distribution warehouses, you can store the products for a short period and shift them quickly to other warehouses.

    Therefore, distribution warehouses are specialized to store the products for a short period and distribute the products to the wholesalers within a short span.

    There are different products which can be store for a short time, such as food or other items.

    Therefore, such type of products is store stored for just one day, and then they are distributed all over the globe. Theses warehouses or centers are very cheap, economical ways to store the products.

    The distribution warehouses are very cheap and generally vary in price. Furthermore, the prices of the distribution warehouses also vary according to the nature of the products.

    Distribution Centers

    6. Smart Warehouses

    The smart warehouses can store or manage the inventories or fulfilment automatically with the help of AI.

    The automation can control everything; for instance, they can control everything from software for the management to the robots or drones that perform the task like packing, weighing, transporting, and storing.

    Alibaba and Amazon are one of the most successful and popular marketplaces. Both of these platforms use the smart warehouses to store their fulfilment and try o look after them smartly. Therefore, the produces can be saved from any sort of harm, mainly due to human error.

    7. Consolidated Warehouses

    The consolidated warehouses are also one of the essential warehouses, which are very useful for small businesses.

    In the consolidated warehouses, the sellers can store the small shipments and then group them into the larger shipments; before they get sold. But, all of the shipments belong to the same geographical region.

    Such warehouses are very beneficial for small businesses and an economical way to store fulfilment for small businesses or new startups. The cost you need to pay is minimal compared to other options, and therefore, it is the best way to store the products.

    8. Government Warehouses

    The government governs the government warehouses. For instance, seaport storage facilities are an example of government warehouses.

    All of these government warehouses are very cheap. So, you can store the product here without paying much.

    Well, here you have to pay all the bills and other charges on time. If you fail to pay all the dues, they can dispose of your products and do anything to get the charges.


    5 Essential Warehousing Services Offered by Warehousing Companies

    The primary purpose of warehousing services is to facilitate businesses. It is the best way to manage the business and hold the goods and assure you of their security. The following are the services which you can get other than the warehousing services:

    Order fulfilment

    The company that runs the warehouse may also offer you different other services and order fulfilment.

    The company process the orders can label the goods ad can also be done the package. Furthermore, the warehouses can also ship the products to the door of the customers.

    The business gets the benefit of order fulfilment in several ways. Most of the sellers used to ire these services to reduce the operational cost and reach up to multiple customers.

    Furthermore, these services can also save time, and they can focus on their business.

    Inventory Control

    The companies can also utilize warehousing services to control the inventory. The company can get rid of all the tensions as the warehouse will be responsible for holding and shipment of the products.

    Furthermore, these services can also reduce receiving errors. Therefore, in case of any error or issue, the warehousing services will have to take responsibility. So, the seller can get enough time to improve his services and get more buyers.


    The cross-docking can be a beneficial service when you have to get or buy the products from multiple locations.

    After the products reached the warehouses, they are broken down into different small shipments and ten delivered to the customers.

    These services play a vital role when a seller does not have enough space, equipment, or labour to pack the products in small shipments.

    The cross-docking facilitates the sellers in unloading and to marge the products according to the needs.



    The warehousing can also offer the transport of the clients whenever they need it. The transport services include the ocean—Rail, road, and air transport services.

    The companies let the clients monitor the delivery or transport of the goods. The transport services can make your business either a success or a failure.


    Transloading services are involved when you have to transfer the goods from one mode of transport to another.

    For instance, you can hire these services when transferring the products from the truck to the aeroplane. Many warehouses can offer you these services to their clients.



    How are storage fees charged for warehouse items?

    The cost matters a lot, and it is one of the essential questions that most of the merchants ask while importing the products from China. Several companies charge by the cubic foot, by pallet, or by SKU.

    Many other companies charge you a combination of the three. A brief description of all of these methods is given below.

    · Pay per cubic foot (meter)

    Several companies can charge you depending on the cubic foot which your company will occupy. If you want to calculate the cubic feet, you can multiply the length of an item’s height.

    They will charge you high if your product occupies a large space. Similarly, if a product takes only a small in size, you may have to pay only a small amount.

    · Pay per pallet

    Instead of changing according to the product’s volume, several companies can charge you per pallet.

    If you compare the per pallet cost with the pay per cubic, you will find that the pay per pallet is far cheaper than the pay per cubic.

    The pay per pallet will not be feasible for those going to import a large number of products. For instance, if you pack 200 products in a pallet, you may have to pay more. So, in these cases, the company will charge you more.

    · Pay per SKU

    There is another payment method, where the company charges you according to the SKU.

    For example, you may have to pay about $2.00 for each SKU you store in the warehouses.

    To get more benefits, you can get a combination of pallets and pay per SKU. It can let you get the services at a cheap cost.

    All the charges are calculated at the end of the week. Furthermore, if the seller successfully sells the products in the same week, he can benefit from the different discounts.


    What are the main things which You should to consider while choosing the warehouse in China?

    Most of the importers used to store the products in Chinese warehouses; before they get sold.

    It is the best way to manage the inventory, and you can save time and focus more on your business.

    The following are the features you need to consider while choosing the warehouses in China:

    Safety and security

    The safety and security of the products are very crucial. Therefore, whenever you choose the warehouse, make sure that your products will be safe and secure.

    Furthermore, in case of any harm or damage, the warehouse will be responsible and pay for the loss.

    In case the warehouse does not take responsibility for the safety of your good; no need to finalize the deal with them.

    Trained staff

    It is always recommended to contact highly trained and well-experienced staff; while importing from China.

    Whenever you search for the warehouse, get the wen, you can get highly trained staff. They can take care of your goods in a better way. Beside it, they know how to manage, pack, and label the inventor.

    Accessibility and market proximity

    The products are at high risk of damage when you are transporting them from one place to another.

    Therefore, it is crucial to choose only those warehouses which are nearer to the supplier. In this way, you can make sure of the safest transfer of your products.

    Beside it, you need to make sure that the products are always close to the market or customers. Again, it will reduce the risk of damage.

    Appropriate storage space

    It is highly recommended to visits the warehouse before you hire their services. It let you get an idea about the volume of the warehouse.

    You need to choose those warehouses where you can store the products easily.

    Latest mechanical appliances

    Well, I always try to choose the warehouse according to your requirements. Several warehouses can offer you their best quality services at the lowest possible prices.

    Several sellers always search for the latest technology in each warehouse. Therefore, if you are one of them, always go to that warehouse to get mechanical appliances.

    Properly designed interiors

    Always make sure that the warehouse is in proper condition. It is an excellent option to make sure that the building looks attractive and appealing.

    Appropriate storage space

    Emergency protocol up to the latest standards

    Several products can be flammable; therefore, you need to talk special care to them.

    When you search for the storage house for highly flammable products, make sure that they have all equipment for any emergency.

    Organized picking and receiving processes

    Several warehouses can provide you with the best services. Warehouses can transport the products from the suppliers to the warehouse and then from the warehouse to the customer.

    Quality check

    Always make sure that the warehouse can check your products’ quality after getting from the supplier. It can be beneficial for you. Besides it, you can return or exchange the products if you did not get the products.

    Updated software

    Make sure that the warehouse comes with many advanced features, and updated software is one of them. The best services of the warehouse can play a significant role in the success of your business.

    Prompt delivery and customer service

    To keep your customers happy and satisfy them, always provide the products on time and offer them the best customer services.

    You will not only get more customers. So, always choose those warehouse which can ship the products to your customers on time.

    Prompt delivery and customer service


    Top 7 Warehousing Services Companies in China

    The fulfilment centres provide the warehouses and other shopping services to the merchants.

    Warehouses play a significant role in an online business’s success. The owner can store the products without owning warehouses or physical storage spaces.

    Most of the time, the sellers send their products directly to the fulfilment centres or warehouses and from where they can send the products directly to the customers.

    You will find that most of the fulfilment centres are linked with different marketplaces such as Amazon.

    In this way, the sellers can store the products without any issue and worry. Whenever they get an order, the sellers can directly ship the products from the warehouse to the customers’ door.

    The ecommerce merchants store the products in the warehouses. When they get an order, they forward the products to the customers. When a seller gets the order, the fulfilment centres pick the products and then send it to them.

    The warehouse or fulfilment centres are responsible for the shipment of the products from the warehouses to the customers.

    In this way, the sellers can reliably store the products and deliver them safely to the customer’s door.

    Therefore, the warehouse can make the business very easy for the sellers. The seller can save time and energy; therefore, get a chance to focus on their business.

    The following are the companies that can provide the warehousing services; you can get through them to learn more about them.


    It is one of the best companies which are providing warehousing services all over the world. You can contact the company and can ask for their services.

    The company can help you in various ways. For instance, the company helps you in getting the products from China. Therefore, Leeline will offer you a list of the best suppliers from all over the world.

    Furthermore, the company also offers fulfilment services all over the world. The company can stand with you at each step. So, you can import the best quality of goods from China.

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    Customs Broker in CHINA


    It is one of the best warehousing and distribution companies. Easyship was found in 2014, and its headquarters are situated in Hong Kong. But now you can also avail of their services in warehouses in different countries such as Singapore, the United States, Netherlands, and Australia.

    The company offers a brilliant and quite interactive portal to its customers. Therefore, the merchants can store all of their products and orders in a very efficient way.

    The company can offer you the integration for the entire central ecommerce platform such as Alibaba, Amazon, and Shopify. The sellers can avail of all of these services both for B2C and B2C shipments.

    The company cannot offer you shipping services. Easyship can connect the sellers with different shipping companies such as DHL, FedEx, and many others.

    In this, the sellers get the chance to select the most economical shipping solution for other orders for more than 100 countries. The Easyship can offer you the storage, shipping, pick, and drop services.


    If you want to avail of the best warehouse distribution, you need to contact the Floship. The company provides different value-added services such as QC (quality control), marketing inserts, and kits.

    You can get these services under different categories such as ecommerce and crowdfunding fulfilment, and Floship certified logistics plan services.

    The company connects and integrates with all the well-known ecommerce companies such as Shopify, Amazon, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Magento. Floship connects the sellers with different shipping companies; so they can deliver the products.

    The sellers can avail of all of these services if they have 500 crowdfunding or have to deliver about 300 orders per month. Beside it, the international sales of the seller should be more than 30%. Furthermore, the weight of the products should be less than 10 Kg.


    It is among the best companies providing warehouse and distribution services all over the world. With the working experience of more than ten years, the company is ranked at the top for its fulfilment services in Hong Kong and its shipments worldwide.

    The company also has warehouses indifferent to other countries like Hong Kong, Europe, the United States, and China. In the case of China, the sellers can get several discounts and tailored-made shipping routes. Due to these routes, the sellers can offer products on the same day in Hong Kong.

    The company imports the products by using different services such as API services from all the major ecommerce platforms such as Wish, Alibaba, Amazon, and eBay.

    The company offers delivery services and fulfilment solutions to its customers in different regions such as Mainland China and Hong Kong.



    The Shipwire is among one of the best warehousing and logistics companies. The company is working at the global level and a brand of Ingram Micro. The company has more than 154 fulfilment centres in more than 45 countries all over the world.

    The company is based in Europe and provides its best ecommerce services. They have offices in China and Hong Kong. The company currently has a warehouse of about 125,000 square feet in Shenzhen and many others in Hong Kong.

    Shipwire works with multiple shipping companies, including DHL, Hong Kong Posy, FedEx, and SF Express. The company can provide you with different services, including same-day order processing, storage, custom packaging, return shipping optimization, order optimization, and many more.

    Send From China

    It is one of the warehousing and distribution companies. You can get all of these services at a very economical rate. Send from China is the sister company of EXchain and is working in Hong Kong.

    The company has several centres or warehouses in Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Dongguan.

    The company offers you various other services for all the products which are made in China. Therefore, the company can facilitate you in both domestic and international trade. You can avail of their services to store and ship the products all over the world.

    With the help of Web Services APIs, the company provides you with easy online storage integration. The sellers can track the orders, can manage the inventory.

    V Logic

    The company was founded in 2000 and deals in warehousing and logistics. The company is working in Hong Kong and is working at the international level. The company services provide sellers with different services such as ecommerce and fulfilment.

    Besides it, you can also avail of different other services like warehousing, managing the inventory, and picking and packing the products. Beside it, the company also deals with international freight forwarding, domestic and worldwide distribution.

    V Logic


    How Leeline Help You Ship the Products With the Best Warehousing Services

    The company is one of the best sourcing companies in China. You can contact them and get their best services.

    The company can stand with you at each step and let you get the best quality products directly from Chinese suppliers. Beside it, the company can also arrange the warehouse for you. So you can store the products over there before you ship them to the customers.

    Inventory and quality control

    The company is concerned about is about the quality of the goods. Therefore, whenever you contact the supplier, the company arranges a factory audit. So, you can get the best quality products at an economical cost.

    Several China warehouse locations

    The company can provide you with the necessary guidance at each step. You need to contact the professional available at the Leeline.

    They will surely provide you with a list of the best and cheap warehouses in China. The company can also visit the warehouses and let you know about the capacity and other services.

    30 days of using China warehouse for free for all clients

    The company can offer you for storing the products. You can enjoy free service for one month. So, if you feel satisfied with their performance, you can finalize the dealings with them.

    Additional custom packaging and repackaging services

    The company can offer you several services, and packaging is one of them. You can hire a professional, and they will do everything for you. They will unpackage the products and then package the again before the shipment.

    Additional custom packaging and repackaging services


    Final Thoughts on Warehousing Services

    The Chinese economy is has been growing exponentially for the last few years. Therefore, more than 200 countries are getting Chinese goods to fulfil their demands.

    But, most importers feel a real problem in storing the inventory before they get sold.

    Therefore, China offers them the warehousing services; while let them satisfaction and real peace of mind.

    So, all of the sellers can focus more on their business and make it a tremendous success.


    FAQ For Warehousing Services

    The following are the questions which most of the importers ask about the warehousing services:

    1.How can warehouse operations be improved?

    If you want to improve the warehouse operations, you need to improve and optimize the available space. Try to pile up the pellets one above the other. It will let you use all the given space in a better way.

    2.What is the cheapest warehouse storage in China?

    The cheapest warehouse in China is Hangzhou. You can store your products in this warehouse while importing the products from China.

    3.Does Alibaba have a warehouse outside of China?

    Unlike Amazon, Alibaba has warehouses. But, all of these warehouses are inside China; you will not find any warehouse outside China.

    4.Where are Taobao warehouses located in China?

    Taobao does not have any warehouse. It is a C2C platform, therefore is no need for any warehouse.

    5.What happens if my goods get damaged in the Chinese warehouse?

    The warehouses store not only the products but also ensure the safety of your goods. So, in case of any damage, the warehouse will have to handle all the issues.

    6.How to prepare shipment before sending to the warehouse in China?

    Before you send the products to China for the shipment, you need to pack them properly. It is essential to label all the goods properly before you send them to the warehouse.

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