Customs Broker: Ultimate Guide

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Hiring a customs broker will benefit in trading and brining your shipments while meeting the perquisites. It also mitigates any risk regarding clearance and speeds up the process.

A customs broker is a “Gate Keeper” of local and international commerce. Developed countries and advanced developing states have now opened their markets for products from the entire developing world.

In addition, they’re advancing their export and import capacity. With this big evolving step, comes many complications about the policies and regulations about the trades.

These are very difficult to fulfill and follow and that’s where a Custom Broker makes and entrance.

Customs Broker

What is a Customs Broker?

Importing good from overseas is a fast-moving endeavor. Shipments that do not meet traditions prerequisites can be held conclusively at the transporter’s cost or even can be reallocated.

On the off chance that you are uncertain if your shipment meets all necessities for customs freedom, recruiting a traditions specialist can be a pretty economical choice.

Merchants that are curious about the best possible procedure and techniques can have some troublesome accomplishing import clearances.

You certainly do not want any hassles in your exchanges, and when it is a matter of exchanges overseas, it is a risk of big bunches of money.

Here comes a need for a customs broker. A good customs broker is a licensed logistics expert who ensures that your carriages and shipments never go through any resistance.

They make sure that your shipments meet all the setup standards required for it to go smoothly. He is aware of the entire international terrifying custom laws.

Although there are no legal requirements to hire a customs broker, still it is an easy and economical decision to make.

Custom brokers are expected to understand and know what papers are required and what data is needed to prepare them correctly to prevent any delays.

Licensed customs brokers act as the middleman between the importer or exporter and the government entities.

They are responsible to calculate and ensure duties and tariffs that are needed to be paid. They obtain and make insurance claims on your behalf, track cargo, and interact with customs officials so everything runs smoothly.

How Does Customs Broker Work?

It’s important to know how a customs broker works. It allows you to stay connected with their proceedings while understanding how they work.

Provide personalized advice

Internationally many benchmarks and regulations have been set to keep these exchanges valid and safe. These processes include going through a lot of hassle and paperwork to keep it going.

A customs broker will do the documentation for you; he will work on taxes and make the payments on your behalf so you never face any issues.

Make sure your goods are correctly classified

A good broker is well aware of all recent updated rules and guidelines, expenses, and documentation expected to bring things into or out of a nation.

This data changes uncontrollably here and there, making it incredibly hard for a business to stay aware of everything, so the business enlists a dealer to do it for them.

Use their expertise to help you spread your business to new markets

A customs broker will not only work on the spot and in the required time, but they also take the responsibility to guide their clients about the best practices of importing and exporting goods.

They give you personal advice, as needed and in advance. A customs broker will look into your business with a keen eye to see the areas that can help you make the improvements.

They keep a professional online database so as if any changes occur in terrify and regulations, both you and the broker are updated. This is how they ensure that they are providing you the accurate data.

Assess commercial documents to see if they are compliant with regulatory requirements

Highly professional brokers are sometimes electronically connected with the customs, they are a part of an automated database, they work efficiently by making all payments, taxes, and document submission through electronic transfers to speed up the process and in a more efficient way.

Prepare and submit necessary information and payments to the Customs authorities on your behalf

A broker owns the information about the kind of shipments, goods, and the rules that apply to those imports and exports.

A normal person will spare his precious hours from his business to think about these instead of making loads of dollars at that time.

A broker, on the other hand, will make your job easier, pins out the right strategy, the right rule, applies it, and fulfills the requirements in no time without making mistakes.

What is a Customs Broker

Customs Broker vs Freight Forwarder: what are the differences?

Before moving further, lets clear one thing, Freight Forwarded and a Customs broker are two different things.

With that misunderstanding cleared, let us see who a Freight Forwarder is.

In simpler words is Freight forwarded is a travel agent for cargo.

They are characterized as specialists associated inside the Supply chain who focus on the coordination and physical transportation of load.

They are in contact with any substance in the sending out cycle who handles or knows about a shipment moving through any vehicle.

Freight forwarders are responsible for gathering and finishing an assortment of documentation and consistent filings.

On the other hand, a customs broker is a licensed professional to assist importers and exporters in meeting the government requirements that are going on in governing imports and exports.

They are powered by the government. A Freight forwarder can be a customs broker but not every broker can be a freight forwarder.

They both can work together and make even more better and smooth imports and exports.

There is a big need for customs brokers if you are planning to make strategies, expand your customer base, and focus on your core tasks.

They have professional knowledge as to exactly what needed to be done and they will do it in time. A broker will successfully yield a positive customer response.

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Customs Broker vs Freight Forwarder

Why Should You Need Customs Broker?

There are no legal requirements to hire a customs broker, agreed. However, there is no doubt that for successful import and exports a bit of good advice would be to hire a professional customs broker.

1.Regulatory requirements is complex

International trade policies are quite strict. Besides, as the regulatory requirements are complex the shipments are habitually delayed even if one single document is missing from the pile that you already submitted.

It is not a matter a few dollars, these are big exchanges and that means big money transactions. The government keeps the procedures complex so no lay man can bypass or even fulfil them.

2.Skills to facilitate the customs clearance process

Customs broker work not only are we well-versed with the tedious customs process and paperwork related to securing customs clearance, but they also offer customized business solutions based upon your requirements, professionally ensuring you can focus your consideration on other critical tasks.

Documentations, taxes, paying duties, taking follow-ups of the import and exports are very critical issues while making trades.

These issues can easily and economically be solved by hiring a customs broker, who knows the rules and regulations of international customs and trade.

He is trained for this; they have the right training and education to support the commerce of your business. He will keep the mandatory documents in order and will be able to provide them any time they are needed.

3. Avoiding unnecessary costs

Hiring a customs broker will not only be economical hiring but also with time, you will realize how cost efficient your imports and exports have become.

It will help you make your trades in the least cost possible and they professionally find and imply ways to avoid the burden of extra costs that might incur in the process.

They handle the dealings in a mature way that lead you to the smooth import or export without extra work and money.

The money you will be spending on hiring a customs broker will sound quite negligible in comparison to the money you will be saving by hiring a licensed customs broker.

Avoiding unnecessary costs

4. Verification of declarations

The brokers take care of all the required data and ensure its compliance with the country-specific regulations and rules.

By hiring a professional licensed custom broker, you can relax that the broker will run around and verify all the paperwork for you and you can easily make time to focus on the things important for your business growth.

They use their training and links to get the work done in no time. With the advancement of internet connectivity, many customs brokers now also offer dedicated services for e-customs clearance; this is a more efficient, timely, and cost-saving alternative.

The customs broker will be well educated in this specific area and owns the vast knowledge of how the customs policy work. They have just the right skills to implement the customs clearance processes.

5. Convenient paperwork

Paperwork is always hard to handle, especially when you are running a business, you most certainly cannot make time to visit places to get one form filled or one requirement document signed.

A good customs broker will do it for you, they have people for these jobs, and your paperwork will be in their hands as if it does not exist.

Tax receipts, verifications of documents, and collection of data will be in their safe hands. All you need to do is enjoy smooth imports and exports.

6. Correct identification of goods

A customs broker will make sure your goods are accurately and correctly classified so all the duties and taxes can be properly determined.

They know all the goods and keep the updated data of how much it costs to trade specific goods. People might misunderstand the complex international trade structures and might pay more for some goods to trade.

Alternatively, in some cases pay less and can get in serious legal and financial troubles.

To avoid these issues, it is advisable to look for a professional broker who will cost the only money that is required on every good.

Correct identification of goods

How to Find a Reliable China Broker in 2020?

Importing goods from abroad is not a piece of cake. And with so many rules and regulations surrounding customs brokerage services you can easily get tangled in the web of formalities and lose track of the actual goal.

That is where a customs broker comes into play. So, what does a customs broker actually do?

An import customs broker makes importing look like a breeze by working on behalf of the exporters and importers. Import brokers deal with the legalities and logistics of exporting and importing goods and make things easy.

So, if you have an import export-related business in development you will need a customs clearance agent to make things easier for you.

But are you confused about hiring a shipping broker for your business? Let’s start with where to start looking if you are interested in customs brokerage services for your business:

A Quick Online Search: Google

Using a search engine like Google is one of the quickest ways to search for a customs broker.

If you search for import customs broker for a specific location on Google, you will find a long list of search results entailing all the brokers operating in that specific area.

The best perk about performing a Google search for an import broker is that it will also provide you with real reviews from real people. This way, you will know what you are signing up for when you hire an import broker.

It is extremely important to vet all potential customs brokers to ensure that they are qualified for your business’s importing needs when you take the help of a search engine to look for customs brokerage services.

The CBP Website’s List of Brokers

The CBP is the first place most professionals go to when they are looking for a licensed customs broker.

You can find a list entailing every customs clearance agent on the page of the list of Customs Brokers on the official website of United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

The CBP site contains the lists of all import brokers that are licensed by the CBP. You can organize them based on your desired point of entry and then choose the one that suits your needs the best.

Moreover, you can also search for licensed customs brokers for their contact information and the specific port they work for.

The NCBFAA’s Member Directory

Another way of finding a shipping broker is to look at the National Customs Broker and Forwarders Association of America (NCBFAA).

The NCBFAAs’ member directory contains the complete list of people offering customs brokerage services. Similar to CBP, the NCBFAA’s website offers the same tools as CBP to look for a customs broker.

NCBFAA has a membership directory that provides the contact information for all its members. The way you search for an import customs broker is based on the location you enter.

So, bear in mind to search for your desired port of entry in order to find the right customs clearance agent for your business.

Besides, NCBFAA’S membership directory can also tell you about its members that are freight forwarders.

The NCBFAA’s Member Directory

How Leeline Help You Find a Reliable China Broker in 2020

Here’s how Leeline can help you find a reliable China broker in 2020:

Professional paperwork

No need to hassle with paperwork as Leeline covers it for you. From dealing with the broker handling all the paper work, the company comes prepared for all the proceedings. Every document is well-recorded so you don’t have to hassle later.

Familiar customs clearance policy

In addition, you also get a dedicated performance regarding customs clearance policies.

From ensuring that you get the best results to guaranteeing the right customs policy for your needs, the company provides all.

High efficiency for brokerage

What’s important for a customs broker is efficiency. With Leeline you can expect efficiency since the company doesn’t compromise on that.

From the beginning to the end, you get top of the line assistance for brokerage services without compromise.

24/7 on line support

Stay connected and updated with the proceedings with 24/7 online support offered by Leeline.

The company ensures seamless communication and coordination. This allows you to get top notch services with utmost transparency that is uncompromised at every level.

Long time free warehouse storage

In addition to brokerage services, you get unbound access to warehouse storage.

Your shipment stays safe with the warehouse storage offered by Leeline. No need to hassle with hefty storage charges when you get it for free.

Long time free warehouse storage

Final Thoughts on Customs Broker

International trade is impossible without an import broker. An import broker takes care of everything from advising shippers about exporting and importing goods to keeping a record of all the latest fees and tariffs need to be paid by businesses in China.

A licensed customs broker makes sure that businesses are able to trade internationally without any hassle.

Finding customs brokerage services in China can be a real difficult task at times and what better way to find an import customs broker than letting Leeline do it for you.

Leeline deals with all the steps required to hire a reliable shipping broker professionally.

You do not have to go through the trouble of dealing with customs brokerage services,

Leeline does it all for you. Leeline will make sure that your import and export goes smoothly and before you even know it your business will be thriving.

Customs Broker in CHINA

FAQ For Customs Broker

International trade is a complex field involving many steps that must be followed for a seamless experience.

Here are a few frequently asked questions about customs brokerage services, import customs broker, and how they work to help you understand the concept better.

These FAQs will get rid of all your confusions especially if you are just stepping into international trade:

1.What is the role of a custom broker?

A customs broker submits necessary information and the appropriate payments to United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on behalf of his/her clients and then charges them a fee for doing so.

A customs broker must have expertise in important procedures including admissibility requirements, valuation, entry procedures, the rates of duty, classification and applicable taxes and fees for the imported merchandise.

2.Do I need a customs broker to import from China?

Legally, there is no requirement in international trade that importers are required to hire a Licensed Customs Broker to clear imports through the customs when they are importing from China, for example, into the United States.

Most of the successful importers, though, decide to utilize the services of Customs Brokers so their goods are imported from China, safely and. without any hassles.

So, if you need a licensed customs broker to look over your import then let Leeline do all the hard work for you.

3.Who is eligible to become qualified as a Customs broker?

In order to be qualified to become a Customs Broker, you must be a citizen of the United States of America, but not an employee or an officer of the United States Government and have a good moral character.

Also, you must be of 21 years of age prior to the submission of the Customs Broker application.

You must have passed a Customs broker exam within a three-year time frame of your application’s submission.

If you need help with the application process or the complex procedure of becoming a customs broker confuses you, then let Leeline take the wheel.

4.Assuming I am eligible, how do I become a Customs broker?

Assuming that you are eligible to be a customs broker, you are required to pass the Customs Broker License Examination and after you have cleared the exam, you are required to submit a broker license application package paired with the appropriate fees for the license.

After you have followed these steps, your application has to be approved by CBP. If CBP approves your application, then you are good to go otherwise you will have to try again.

5.What is the customs clearance process?

Everything shipped internationally has to pass through customs before being allowed to exit or enter a country.

This includes international trade of any kind whether it is via air, land or sea. Once the goods are cleared by the customs, the shipper of the goods is given a document.This document affirms that all customs duties have been paid and the shipment may proceed.

Usually, everything involved in a customs clearance process is handled by a freight forwarder, but you can also hire a customs broker to deal with the customs clearance process for you.