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Leeline is a leading freight forwarding company in China that is known for organizing the safe, efficient, and cost-effective transportation of goods throughout the globe.

Our expert team is fully equipped and experienced to manage all your International freight needs and to give you the best solution that will exactly meet your budget and deadline. We offer a secure and reliable solution for all your freight requirements in china.

Our team of specialists works 24/7 to provide you with the broadest possible range of freight services across the globe. Our shipping ranges from air freight to ocean freight to large railway freight.

Our aim at Leeline is a smooth and successful delivery of goods to its final destination. Reach us today to make an appointment and take your international business to the next level.

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Who Ships with us?

Importers & Exporters

We at Leeline work with Importers and Exporters and transport their goods from one destination to another. We help to export-import trade services throughout the world as a third party and can assist with the supply chain process on multiple levels, including; Customs Clearance, International export and import documentation, Insurance, Packing, Storage, Inventory management.

Global Freight Forwarders

We use extreme competition between shipping lines as an advantage to negotiate the best rate. Our specialists give guidance and consult as an expert and try to find the best pricing for a shipment of your cargo. We have established a relationship with the global shipping lines to create a one-stop solution for all your shipping needs.

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express shipping

Express Shipping

When you need to receive factory samples or cooperation documents within a week, express delivery is the best choice, safe and efficient.Leeline has established a long-term partnership with 5 major express companies (DHL, UPS, fedex, EMS, TNT), we can provide you with very competitive shipping prices. We at Leeline cover almost all major airports worldwide, ensuring the quickest delivery system that will be best suited to customer requirements.
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Air Freight

We have connections with top-class airline companies that offer high-quality air freight options and competitive air shipping rates.Leeline offers a variety of air freight solutions ranging from door to door, airport, and airport to the airport, documentation, preparation, re-packaging, labeling, airline handling, DG, and Non-DG handling, in most competitive rates from the most reliable airlines.
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Sea Freight

We offer a wide range of sea freight services, including full container loads(FCL), less than a container load(LCL), roll-on/roll-off ship, OOG service, and bulk-cargo ships. Leeline is connected to famous global shipping lines and provides services from seaports of china to almost all ports of the world. Our agents manage all your shipments, which start from booking your cargo, arranging pickup and delivery, and handling import/export documentation.
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Railway Freight

Our Rail Freight experts offer secure, stable, and environmentally-friendly freight transportation via rail throughout the world. Our professionals have vast experience in railway shipping and offer very competitive railway freight rates in china. We provide a range of flexible Rail transport solutions at a cost-efficient price, provide full guidance in loading, and reinforce the goods in the container.
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Custom Clearance

We guarantee your freight is safe and cleared quickly in every step of the way. Freight agents of import clearance experts will ensure your cargo moves to your destinations without issues. Our expert agents try their best to reduce clearance delays and speed up transit times for your import shipments by providing accurate documentation to make the customs clearance process smooth.
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Pickup & Delivery

Leeline provides pickup and delivery service for imports, exports, and cover container handling, custom entries, duty/VATs, cargo handling, and shipments for both importers and exporters. We can arrange the pickup and delivery service, anytime, in any city of China.
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Shipping To Amazon FBA

Leeline provides you with the best solutions for shipping to FBA.Our experts will ship your products from China to Amazon FBA by air or sea, depending on your requirement, and manage the entire process of customs clearance.Save your money and time by a competitive shipping rate on FCL from China to Amazon.
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Ecommerce order fulfillment

Leeline can help you handle all customer order packaging, shipping at lowest cost when your customers order from you online. Our Ecommerce order fulfillment services help to reduce your costs, boost sales and offer a top customer experience.Leeline will be your best dropshipping business partner.
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Why Choose Leeline

12 Years Professional Freight Forwarding Expert

Leeline has years of experience in serving customers around the world and across various industries., We are a best-in-class logistics provider, providing shipping solutions for customers’ unique needs and transport from China to the world by sea, air, and train. Check out our case study.
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In addition to our shipping options, we also offer both short or long-term warehousing services for the storage and security of your products according to your needs. Our experts have an extensive network of warehouse facilities that enable us to serve your customers’ ever-changing needs throughout the world.
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Container Loading Supervision

We not only provide shipping but also provide supervision facilities when the supplier loads the goods into the container. We assure our customers will receive the most professional freight service, which is tailor to their specific requirements. We will also provide digital proofs in the form of pictures and videos once the loading would finish. Check out our case study.
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Professional Custom Clearance Service

Our experts are well aware of china’s customs policies, which makes the customs clearance process very smooth and quick. Our professionals have friendly relationships with the customs officer. They will handle all the paperwork and provide an accurate product classification and documentation, which makes the customs clearance process very rapid.
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Competitive Rates

Leeline has partnered with numerous airlines and shipping companies, and we use extreme competition between shipping lines as an advantage to negotiate the best competitive rate.
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24/7 Online Support & Free Quote

Our freight forwarder agents are very hardworking and dedicated to this work. They are working day and night to improve our nation’s freight forwarding, and they are available 24/7 to provide you with the best support. Contact us to get a free quote today.
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    FAQ About Shipping From China

    How to find the best freight forwarder in China?

    Here are some essential factors for selecting a local freight forwarder in China:

    • Research many freight forwarding companies online.
    • Select the reliable one and provide competitive rates.
    • Select the freight forwarder who can handle all kinds of shipping from China to worldwide.
    • Select the freight forwarder who facilitates custom clearance quickly.
    • Select the freight forwarder whose communication is amicable.
    • Select the freight forwarder with great testimonials.
    • Your freight forwarder should communicate smoothly with all your suppliers.
    • Select the freight forwarder who provides other services such as container loading supervision and handles import/export documentation.

    How to deal with changes in the ocean freight?

    Shipping line companies often change the ocean freight rates, making it challenging for importers and exporters to determine the ocean freight costs. You can deal with these changes by locking in a stable ocean freight rate with your freight forwarder for the whole year.

    How to reduce your shipping costs?

    You can control your shipping costs by negotiating with multiple carriers or using flexible packaging to save space and insurance.

    How to protect goods during shipping?

    Package your shipping goods well, and If the item you’re shipping has an opening, fill the opening with or bubble wrap.

    How can we avoid shipper's customer complaints under the Incoterms of FOB?

    The shipper often complains about the freight forwarder for a high local charge and a bad attitude, so it is better to quote the cost to the shipper before booking the space. The agent should choose the premium freight forward, who should have excellent communication with the shipper.

    How can we balance the ocean freight and great destination charges?

    Some freight forwarders provide very cheap ocean freight due to high competition between shipping companies, which changes into a more destination charge. The best solution to balance the ocean freight and the destination charge is to choose the FCL service instead of LCL shipment.

    How does Leeline get carrier space during busy season?

    Lack of carrier space is prevalent during busy season. If you are our old customers, you can get space in the carrier by booking, and there are no extra charges.

    How can we confirm the ETD and ETA?

    We can inquire about ETD and ETA based on the vessel voyage and BL number to the tracking site.

    How long does it take for international shipping?

    International shipping usually takes 7-21 working days, and In cases where customs processing is slow, shipping y can take up to 6 weeks.

    What are the documents needed for exporting goods?

    There are four documents required for exporting goods include Customs Invoice or a Commercial Invoice, Bill of Lading, Manifest, or Cargo Control Document., Shipper’s Export Declaration.

    If you are looking for a licensed freight forwarder In China, Leeline is your best choice. We provide reasonable shipping rates and exceptional worldwide logistics solutions to help your business.