How Long Does DHgate Take to Ship:A Guide for the Beginners

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Have you ever ordered an item off DHgate and found yourself anxiously waiting for its arrival? When will you get that dress, toy, or phone in the mail? 

We understand your anticipation – whether it’s a birthday present you’re giving or something else unique – so we’ve put together this guide to help explain how long it takes for DHgate to ship an item. 

Read on to learn more about the various shipping methods available at DHgate, delivery timelines, and other valuable tips related to tracking orders!

What is DHgate?

DHgate is an online marketplace that allows buyers to purchase items directly from manufacturers and wholesalers at a discounted price. Operated out of China, DHgate offers over 35 million products in categories such as apparel, electronics, home goods, and health & beauty. 

By eliminating the middleman and connecting buyers directly with suppliers, DHgate can offer customers the most competitive prices in the market. DHgate boasts a dedicated team of customer service representatives and safe payment methods, ensuring a secure and easy shopping experience for buyers worldwide. 

Whether you’re looking for something specific or want to browse through millions of products, DHgate is the perfect destination for online shoppers!

Is DHGate a legitimate platform?

DHgate is a popular online platform that allows users to buy and sell items. It has been around for years, and it is a legitimate platform. However, there have been a few reports of issues with the site. The company has responded to the reports and said they are working on fixes.

DHgate shipping methods is a popular site for buying and selling products. Several shipping methods can be used to send products to customers. These methods include standard Shipping, expedited Shipping, and express Shipping. 

Standard Shipping takes the longest to arrive, but it is the cheapest option. 

Expedited Shipping is faster than standard Shipping, but it costs more.

Express Shipping is the fastest option, and it costs the most money. Customers can choose the three options they want to use based on their needs.

Best mode of shipping when making an order through DHgate

The best shipping mode when ordering through DHgate depends on the ordered items, delivery destination, and overall cost. 

Express Shipping is usually the fastest option for small orders, while air and sea freight is more suitable for larger volumes. Customers should always use trusted carriers like FedEx, DHL, UPS, and USPS to ensure safe and timely delivery. 

Also, DHgate offers its own integrated logistics solutions, providing customers with fast delivery options at competitive prices. 

Finally, regardless of the shipping method chosen, customers should continuously track their orders to ensure they reach their destination on time.

In conclusion, the best shipping mode when making an order through DHgate depends on the size of the order and the delivery destination. Customers should consider all available options to select a cost-effective and reliable shipping method that meets their needs.

How much is shipping on DHgate?

DHgate offers low, competitive shipping rates for all of its products. Your cost may vary depending on the item you are purchasing and where it is being shipped to. 

However, DHgate typically offers free standard Shipping on orders over US $30. If your order is under US $30, you will pay a flat rate of US $2.99 for standard Shipping. Expedited shipping options are available for an additional cost, and DHgate has partnered with multiple carriers to provide the best price on international shipments. 

For more detailed information on how much your Shipping will be, please refer to the Shipping & Delivery page.

How long does DHgate take to Deliver?

DHgate takes between 15-30 days to deliver orders, depending on the shipping method chosen. The most popular and reliable delivery services used by DHgate are Standard Shipping, Expedited Shipping, Express Shipping, and Priority Line. 

Standard Shipping is the most economical option, while Priority Line offers the fastest delivery times. Customers can expect to receive their orders within 15-30 days, depending on the chosen shipping method. Additionally, customers can track the progress of their order through DHgate’s Order Tracking System to get a better idea of when they can expect to receive their package. 

What is the minimum time when using DHgate?

When ordering items from DHgate, customers can expect to receive their order within 4-7 days, depending on the shipping method chosen. Customers should also be aware that it may take longer for their order to arrive if the item is being shipped from overseas. 

Additionally, if customers choose an expedited shipping option, they should expect to receive their order in 4-7 business days. DHGate also offers an Express Shipping option with delivery times ranging from 3-5 business days for most international locations. 

For customers who need their order urgently, DHgate also allows for priority shipping which can generally get your item to you within 1-3 business days. Overall, DHgate offers a variety of shipping options to suit the urgent needs of customers. 

DHgate shipping terms and conditions

DHgate provides various shipping options to customers, including Standard Delivery and Express Shipping. All orders placed on DHgate are shipped in compliance with the terms and conditions outlined in their Shipping Policy. Customers should review this policy thoroughly before placing an order, as it outlines the responsibilities of both buyer and seller regarding the cost, delivery time, and delivery method of the items purchased. 

In addition, DHgate outlines its requirements for international shipments, including documentation and other regulatory issues that must be met by customers who wish to buy items from outside their country. 

Finally, DHgate also provides detailed information on tracking orders and managing returns or exchanges in case something goes wrong with a shipment. DHgate strives to provide customers with the best possible experience, and its shipping terms and conditions are designed to ensure 

DHgate On-time Delivery Guarantee

DHgate’s On-time Delivery Guarantee ensures that orders will be delivered within the estimated delivery date provided at checkout. This guarantee applies to all orders placed on DHgate, regardless of size or value. If an order is not received within the estimated delivery date due to any fault of DHgate, the customer can request a refund equal to the value of their purchase. 

DHgate’s on-time delivery guarantee guarantees customers that their orders will be received promptly and efficiently, providing them with peace of mind when shopping on the platform. With this policy in place, customers can rest assured that they’ll receive their orders promptly and without delays. This ensures that their shopping experience is smooth and hassle-free. With DHgate’s On-time Delivery Guarantee, customers can shop confidently, knowing that their orders will be received as expected.

The difference between Guaranteed & Estimated delivery times

Guaranteed delivery times guarantee that a product will be delivered to your door within a specific timeframe. 

Estimated delivery times are an estimate of how long it will take for the product to be delivered and can vary depending on the shipping company.

How to track DHgate orders?

There are many ways to track a purchase on DHgate, but one of the most popular and reliable methods is order tracking. This way, you can see what items were bought and when they were ordered, as well as the total amount spent. Order tracking can be very helpful in understanding how your order is progressing and whether or not it was worth it.

Factors causing DHgate shipping delay

Shipping delays are a common problem on the internet, and Dhgate is no exception. 

One of the reasons for this is that it takes time to process an order and get the products to your door. 

Another reason is that some things could be improved with the product or shipping company.

How to solve the problem if no DHgate order is received?

If you cannot receive your order from, there are a few things you can do to try and solve the problem. 

The first thing you can do is check your order status on If it’s still not received, you may need to contact your order sender to see if they can help resolve the issue. 

Another option is to create an account with one of the online retailers and place an order through that store.


All in all, DHgate is an excellent site with plenty of products to choose from. Shipping takes some time, so if you are in a hurry, this isn’t your site. However, if you don’t mind waiting a few weeks for your product, then DHgate is a great choice! Have you ever ordered anything from DHgate? What was your experience like?