Best US Customs Brokers Service In China

Best US Customs Brokers Service Help You Import Goods from China Smoothly

As a company, we make sure that we are well versed with all customs regulations, which is also why we are extremely proficient in US customs.

We guide you through the documentation process, taxes, and other important classifications that you might need to know of. We make sure your goods are clear, and the freight reaches you within the required timeline. This saves you a lot of money and your precious time.


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Customs Consulting

Customs Consulting

Our team of experts helps you create customized solutions according to your supply chain, as this can affect your duties, tariffs, and taxes. We make sure you are well aware of the risks and where you can maximize compliance.
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Customs Clearance Process

Customs Clearance Process

Clearance can be a tough nut when it comes to US customs brokerage! We help ensure that all your customs are cleared with a 100% compliance rate. This includes payments, documentation, regulatory procedures and all the duties and taxes you might have to pay. This makes the process quicker and much more efficient for you!
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Customs Bonds

We help improve your supply chain with custom bonds, so you never have to wait upon your shipments.
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Importer Security Filing

Importer Security Filing

We also work on importer security filing in our USA custom brokerage service. We provide custom solutions to all kinds of companies to help you through the filing processes.
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Remote Location Filing

Remote Location Filing

We also handle the Remote Location Filing program (RLF) to maintain our client’s permits. This helps you clear your items much more quickly as it allows us to have custom agents with remote filing apititudes all across 50 states in the united states.
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Customs Brokerage

Our US customs brokerage service is efficient as it complies with all regulations and rules. We make sure there is no trouble with clearance, even with classified and imported items.


A lot of businessmen struggle with inventory management. We help provide viable inventory solutions with packaging and delivery services. This is great for online and e-commerce businesses.

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