How to Register A Taobao Account: Your Step-by-Step Guide

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Taobao, the largest online marketplace in China, offers an astonishing variety of products at competitive prices, making it an enticing shopping destination for customers worldwide. 

However, to unlock the full potential of Taobao’s offerings, you need to create a Taobao account. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of registering a Taobao account, step-by-step. 

Whether you are a first-time Taobao user or an international shopper, follow these instructions to set up your account and begin your exciting shopping journey on Taobao.

Understanding Taobao

Before diving into the registration process, it’s essential to have a basic understanding of what Taobao is and how it works. Taobao is an online marketplace under the Alibaba Group, featuring an extensive range of products from various sellers. It caters primarily to customers in mainland China, but with the advent of Taobao Global, international customers can also access and purchase products from selected sellers.

Preparing for Registration

To register a Taobao account, you will need the following:

  • A valid mobile phone number: Taobao uses mobile phone numbers for account verification and security purposes.
  • A valid email address: This is used for communication, including account updates and password resets.

Step-by-Step Guide to Register A Taobao Account

Let’s walk through the process of creating a Taobao account:

Step 1: Visit the Taobao Website:

Open your web browser and navigate to the Taobao website (

Step 2: Change the Website Language (Optional):

By default, Taobao’s website is in Chinese. If you’re more comfortable navigating the website in English, you can change the language to English by clicking on the “Language” option in the top right corner of the website.

Step 3: Click on “Register”:

On the top left corner of the Taobao website, click on the “Register” button. This will direct you to the registration page.

Step 4: Choose a Registration Method:

Taobao offers several registration methods, including:

  • Mobile Number Registration: Enter your valid mobile phone number and follow the verification process.
  • Email Registration: Enter your valid email address and follow the verification process.

Step 5: Complete Verification:

Depending on the registration method you chose, you will receive either an SMS verification code to your mobile phone or an email verification link to your email address. Enter the code or click on the link to complete the verification process.

Step 6: Set Up Your Account Password:

Once verified, create a strong and secure password for your Taobao account. Make sure to choose a password that includes a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols for enhanced security.

Step 7: Fill in Personal Information:

Next, you will be prompted to fill in your personal information, including your name, gender, and date of birth. It is essential to provide accurate information for smoother transactions and account management.

Step 8: Set Account Security Questions (Optional):

For added security, you can set up security questions that will be used to verify your identity in case you forget your password.

Step 9: Agree to the Terms and Conditions:

Review and agree to Taobao’s terms and conditions, privacy policy, and user agreement. This step is mandatory for the successful creation of your Taobao account.

Step 10: Complete Registration:

Click on the “Register” button to complete the registration process. Congratulations! You now have a Taobao account ready for use.

Tips for a Successful Taobao Experience:

Here are some additional tips to enhance your Taobao shopping experience:

Secure Your Account

After creating your Taobao account, ensure that you enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for an extra layer of security. Additionally, regularly update your password and keep it confidential.

Explore Taobao Global

If you are an international shopper, Taobao Global allows you to access selected sellers who offer international shipping. Explore the Taobao Global section to find products available for international delivery.

Use an Agent for International Shipping

While Taobao Global facilitates international shipping, some sellers may not offer this option. In such cases, consider using a Taobao agent, like Spreenow or Yoybuy, to assist you with purchasing and shipping items to your location.

Take Advantage of Discounts and Promotions

Taobao frequently offers discounts, promotions, and coupons. Keep an eye out for special deals and sales events to save on your purchases.


Creating a Taobao account is your gateway to the vast world of online shopping on one of China’s largest e-commerce platforms. With this step-by-step guide, you can easily register your Taobao account and embark on an exciting shopping journey filled with incredible products, unbeatable prices, and unique experiences.

Enjoy exploring Taobao and happy shopping! Remember to stay cautious, shop from reputable sellers, and make the most of Taobao’s features to ensure a seamless and delightful shopping experience.